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Annelies with Ball

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Clinical Pilates | Milton Keynes
Clinical Pilates | Milton Keynes

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Clinical Pilates Milton Keynes
Clinical Pilates Milton Keynes

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Annelies with Ball
Annelies with Ball

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About us

Do you live or work in Milton Keynes and suffer from back pain? Do you have a sports injury or are you recovering from an operation?  We can help you.


We're Chartered Physiotherapists, sport, health and well being therapists who are part of Action Physiotherapy - a dynamic, forward thinking health clinic based in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes. 

Our team is passionate about providing an excellent service to our patients, by giving them an accurate diagnosis, followed by a structured and effective treatment program and range of home exercises.

Annelies Wymer
Chartered Physiotherapist


Wayne Wymer
Chartered Physiotherapist


Orlagh Fagan
Sports Therapy Massage 


Caroline Gulliver
Massage Therapist

Massage in Mind

Jo Calvin


We're here to relieve your back pain


COVID-19 update at July 2020. We can now offer face to face appointments again and are fully compliant with government guidance on managing the risk of coronavirus.

Please wear a mask or covering.

We have cleaning and hygiene procedures in place.

Go to our Action Physiotherapy Clinic for more information.


Action Physiotherapy 

Back Pain and Sports Injury clinic MK 

Massage | Clinical Pilates | 

Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes 


54B High Street

Stony Stratford

Milton Keynes

MK11 1AQ

tel: 01908 968430


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Now's the time to look after your body and stay healthy wherever you are


Sign up to our clinical Zoom Pilates courses, usually held in Stony Stratford, online via Gym Catch here with Action Physiotherapy.


Call us on 01908 968430 to find out more about our 6 week courses for total beginners with only 6 participants per session.  Don't worry, all your injuries and tight/stiff muscles will be taken into account.

Regular classes

Here are our current classes. Please check classes via Gym Catch. 

10.30am  - Intermediate/Advanced 

6pm - Intermediate/Advanced

9.30am - Intermediate/Advanced

10.45am  Pilates 6 weeks course.

Ask for dates

9.15am & 10.15pm Intermediate /Advanced

9.30pm Intermediate/Advanced

Only £12 per class or £66 for a block of 6. Eight people per class.

Our clinical Pilates classes are small and tailored to  your individual needs. We have a maximum of 8 participants per class which are taught by highly trained Pilates instructors and/ or Physiotherapists. We teach you the fundamentals of breathing exercises, stretches and deep core strengthening to facilitate recovery from injury and help prevent recurrence of injuries. If you used to do Pilates or group classes but got out of the habit of it, now is the time to return and enjoy the ambience and camaraderie of a small group. You can buy a card for 6 Pilates classes for £66 for yourself or as a voucher for a friend, parent or sibling who you think may benefit from Pilates and further exercise on a weekly basis. We hope to see you soon to help your body return to its peak form!


What is Clinical Pilates? 

Pilates is a form of exercise, developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. He developed Pilates from other forms of exercise such as yoga, gymnastics and martial arts. Pilates was widely used by ballerinas in the 1940s onwards, but it has steadily grown in popularity, around the world, and it is used by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Liz Hurley, Ian McKellen and Martin Amis!!


How can Clinical Pilates benefit your health?


Pilates helps you use your body more efficiently. Following my classes and involvement in clinical Pilates, patients have reported increased energy levels, improved posture, improved muscle strength and flexibility and less aching of their bodies.


Am I too old or unfit for Pilates?


Pilates is an exercise for all age groups and fitness levels. If you feel unsure, recovering from an injury or have a specific condition, you may feel like you need some individual training before doing a group class. We offer this in the form of one-on-one sessions, tailor-made sessions to work on your individual needs.


Pilates will help you improve your muscle strength. Balance exercises are practiced in our clinical Pilates classes, hence giving you the strength and stability to prevent falls, especially as you get older.


Can Pilates help reduce back pain?


Research has shown that doing core strengthening exercises and Pilates can help relieve non-specific, mechanical low back pain. At Action Physiotherapy, our clinical Pilates classes are small and tailored to the individuals.


Any other questions?


Should you still have any questions regarding Physiotherapy and clinical Pilates, please do not hesitate to contact us on (01908) 968430. We will happily answer any questions, and advise you what we recommend would be the best option for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Annelies Wymer
Chartered Physiotherapist