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My fave little shop


with Tim Heymerdinger


Milton Keynes


Love Little Shops Milton Keynes - Buskers cafe




What's your favourite little shop or cafe?

Buskers, Wolverton.




It's got a friendly, personal, not-a-chain vibe to it. Great fresh, locally sourced food (In total environmentally-unfriendly fashion, I drive across the city for their sausage sandwiches - bloomin' yum!). Awesome coffee (and I'm a total coffee snob). Always excellent cake, often organic ingredients. Lovely people. Also good, growing little music shop and great music service info. And - fab to have another live music venue in a city which lacks them. I play drums for an acoustic trio (The Louise Petit Band) and Buskers offers a perfect environment for unplugged (or slightly-plugged) performance. It's a cool place to hang out and chat, network and meet, very unlike the chain places that dominate MK.  Along with the other few independently-minded venues in the city, it's exactly the sort of place we need to help create something personal and people-powered that adds more identity and richness to MK's culture. Also - great prices :)



Where's your favourite place in Milton Keynes?

Great Brickhill Woods. Can't hear traffic. Amazing trees. Peace.

About Tim

I'm an independent musician. I currently play drums and sing with The Louise Petit Band and have my own collaborative project called Ghosts In Daylight which is a kind of alternative pop thing. I'm very passionate about climate change and education around that and pee'd off about homelessness in this country. Love my ace girlfriend Ange, a gorgeous campaigner with the heart of a lioness. Love family, friends, music with some edge, photography, art, cinema, books and The Mighty Boosh. Standard stuff bores the living hell out of me. Card-carrying Guardian-reading lefty. I LOVE travel with Ange, and with the band.

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Love Little Shops Milton Keynes - Buskers cafe

Tim's new EP: Paper Heart

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