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Time to promote what's special about your unique business online




Affordable Price Plans from £39 pa. Recommend another business and you both get 10% off*

Call Ursula on 07790 822226 or email to find out more. 


£39 pa

Click here for an example


  • 1 good quality photo (can be supplied by you) +

  • Address details of your business

  • On a special town/regional webpage for 365 days a year.  


SIGN UP to get your business noticed online on a town/regional business guide with high Google ranking.










£79 pa

Click here for an



A webpage with your business:

  • Photo

  • Name, address

  • Phone No

  • Email address

  • Google map

  • Website link

  • Social media links

  • Business details 

  • High ranking in Google

  • Also includes the Business Basic Plan 

SIGN UP if you don't have the time, money or energy to run a website but need to get noticed online with Google (over 85% of UK online searches are with Google).

Also a good plan if you already have a website and facebook/twitter /instagram accounts but want to stand out from the crowd with a higher or additional solid Google search ranking via

You may have a great looking website but is it mobile friendly?

Research shows that more people are searching for places and businesses via their mobile/smart phones every year. Google will also penalise websites that are not mobile compatible thus lowering your page ranking.





£109 pa

Click here for an



Your own branded mobile friendly business promotion webpage via

  • Use your own logo and content to promote your business, an offer or service

  • Up to 8 images

  • Feature on the homepage

  • High ranking in Google

  • Also includes the Business Basic Plan 

SIGN UP to showcase a selection of your products, offers or a new service. The more unusual the better because is all about the things that make your business unique.



£169 pa

See all previous



All features of the:

  • ​The Business Basic

  • The Business Webpage

  • The Business Promo Page


SIGN UP if you're a small independent business who wants to spend their online marketing budget wisely throughout the year!


*Prices at Spring 2022 . Terms and conditions apply. 
Prices may change without notice. 

Need a new mobile friendly website?

I'll work with you to create your own affordable website that can be viewed clearly on all devices. If you prefer, I'll update the site for you at a competitive hourly rate.


Want to do a joint promo with other businesses?

Perhaps you're looking for something different from the packages I offer above. You may wish to do a joint online promotion with another shop, cafe, market stall or business. Several businesses in your arcade, street, town or region may like to run a special promotion. I can help! I can also work with you to develop an affordable, mobile friendly website  - one that you own and manage.

About me

I'm a Freelance Marketer with over 25 years marketing communications experience in the public and private sector. I currently enjoy providing freelance services to small businesses. 

Call me on 07790 822226 or email to find out more. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Best regards 

Ursula Lewis





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